Great Salters’ Scientists

The Great Salters’ Scientists is a collection of seven biographies of remarkable scientists who were also members of the Salters’ Company.

  • T H Huxley
  • Henry Dale
  • Wilfrid Le Gros Clark
  • John Cockcroft
  • Charles Goodeve
  • Alexander Todd
  • George Porter

Each biography describes the scientific achievement for which the scientist was most famous for, as well as summarising the key events in their lives.

The achievements of the scientists cover issues as varied and fascinating as; evolution, the transmission of nerve impulses, ‘splitting the atom’, applying science to defence ships in wartime, the structure of DNA and the triggering of chemical reactions by powerful flashes of light.

Written and published by Mark Callingham, with a foreword by the Master, The Revd Professor Michael Reiss, the book was published to celebrate the centenary of the science education charity, the Salters’ Institute and to raise money for the Centenary Appeal.

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