Covid-19: Salters’ Institute Team working from home

In line with UK Government recommendations, the Salters’ Institute Team will now be working from home until at least Tuesday 14th April. Please be advised, that although normal working hours are in place, we do not have access to the full systems that are available in the office. We will however try to deal with your emails and return your calls as promptly as possible and thank you for your understanding during this demanding period. 

Please send enquiries to the following:

Please be aware at this stage (Tuesday 17th March), the following Festivals of Chemistry have been cancelled:

  • Cambridge University (Years 7 & 8) – Thursday 19th March
  • Cambridge University (Year 9) – Thursday 24th March
  • University of York (Years 7 & 8) – Wednesday 25th March
  • University of Glasgow (Years 7 & 8) – Friday 27th March
  • London Metropolitan University (Years 7 & 8) – Tuesday 31st March
  • University of Birmingham (Years 7 & 8) – Tuesday 31st March
  • University of Birmingham (Years 7 & 8) – Wednesday 1st April
  • Teesside University (Year 9) – Wednesday 1st April
  • University of Glasgow (Years 7 & 8) – Thursday 2nd April
  • University College London (Year 9) – Thursday 2nd April

All schools due to attend these Festivals were notified by email on Monday 16th March. Should anymore cancellations be confirmed, we will be in direct contact with those impacted.

Your support during this period has been gratefully received.

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