About Festivals of Chemistry

The Salters’ Institute Festivals of Chemistry are an initiative of the Salters’ Institute. Their objective is to help promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences amongst the young. We are very excited to announce an expansion to the Festival programme to include a range of Festivals for students in Year 9 and S2.

Benefits of The Salters’ Institute Festivals of Chemistry:

  • Excite pupils by doing practical chemistry
  • Give pupils responsibility to carry out investigations “like a real Chemist”
  • Encourage team working and independent problem solving skills
  • Meet and interact with fellow students from other schools
  • Work with University students and gain an understanding of life at University


Salters’ Festivals are a series of one-day fun events held at universities throughout the UK and Ireland. They begin in mid March and run through to the end of June. The Festivals provide the opportunity for enthusiastic young students to spend a day in a university department and to take part in practical chemistry activities which are fun! Prizes are awarded to the winning teams and all students receive participation certificates and fun prizes. Since 1991, over 50,000 students at more than 900 Festivals have experienced the fun of practical chemistry through the Salters’ Festivals. None of this could have been achieved without the continual help, support and sponsorship from over fifty companies.

2019 is seeing an expansion to the programme to allow students in Year 9 and S2 to attend a Festival as well. This has been made possible thanks to the generous support of many in our Centenary year.

Since 2005 the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry have been in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry. We thank them for their continued support.

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