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The Salters’ Institute and the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG) have worked in partnership for over thirty years, developing innovative teaching materials in order to improve teaching and learning in secondary school science. Materials developed by UYSEG have been adopted in a number of countries.

The Institute and UYSEG currently have five active projects. There are three Advanced level (A level) courses: Salters Advanced Chemistry, Salters Horners Advanced Physics and Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology, and one course at GCSE level, Twenty First Century Science. The most recent project is Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) for lower secondary school students (aged 11-14).

Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) is being developed over the period 2016-2018. It will draw on the best available research evidence on teaching and learning in school science, and provide teachers with a practical means of using research evidence in their teaching.  BEST will be incorporating research on promoting effective learning in science, on assessment, on practical work, on teaching difficult ideas in science, and on engaging students with the science they are studying.  BEST will also provide a high level of teacher support.  

Further information on all the projects may be found on the UYSEG website at

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