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We are in the process of generating a new range of resources for Chemistry Clubs in Schools. Please check the website again soon for more details.

Salters’ History and Heritage project

In July 2015, the Salters’ Company was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund for the Salters’ History and Heritage project.

Thanks to National Lottery players, the project will open up the Company’s unique archive collection through a brand new schools programme and a line-up of tours and events for the wider public, in conjunction with the redevelopment of Salters’ Hall.

The Salters’ Institute  has been supporting this project along with the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) to create a fun and engaging learning programme for primary, secondary and further education pupils. The newly redeveloped Salters’ Hall will be opened up to the public in a series of events and tours.

For further information take a look at the Salters’ Company website >

Our Partners have a wide range of resources to support chemistry education


CLEAPSS has launched a new Science website- the website supports teachers, technicians, science advisors and health and safety officers to deliver practical science in the classroom.


Royal Society of Chemistry

The website has a vast number of free resources to support all levels of Chemistry Education.



SSERC hosts a wide range of resources to provide support across all thirty-two Scottish Education Authorities. All of their teaching resources are now open access and cover a wide range of subject areas and ages.



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