The Chemistry Club was set up in 1991 by The Salters’ Institute and originally run from Homerton College, Cambridge.

The main objective of the Salters’ Chemistry Club is to encourage the formation of school chemistry clubs and promote university-based regional events to make chemistry more relevant, exciting and fun for 11 to 14 year old pupils. The school clubs provide an opportunity for pupils to experiment with wet bench top chemistry, for which there may be little scope in the curriculum, and the opportunity to develop a stronger interest in chemistry through exciting practical work. They also provide an opportunity for science teachers to enhance the visibility of chemistry within the school and the wider community of governors and parents. A further aim of the Salters’ Chemistry Club is to encourage the development of long term links between schools, universities and science-based industrial companies.

The Salters’ Chemistry Club’s ultimate goals are to encourage a greater number of pupils to develop scientific interest and through them to help maintain the supply of high calibre graduates in chemistry and related sciences both to create wealth in industry and to teach the next generation.

Both Volumes of the Salters’ Chemistry Club Handbook are now out of print but can still be viewed online here.

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