Salters’ Graduate Awards

Every year The Salters’ Institute offers up to ten awards, each of £1,000, to final-year undergraduates studying at UK universities. Candidates will be required to obtain a First-Class Honours Degree in either Chemistry or Chemical Engineering in the Summer of 2021.

Selection Procedure

Awards are based on an assessment of the potential of candidates ultimately to occupy leading positions in public life, either by employment in the Chemical or related industries, or more generally in employment that supports the industrial life of the UK. Candidates are expected to show some knowledge of the Chemical industry’s current situation and the need for changing technology in the future. In reflecting these aims, the selectors particularly look for:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Capacity to initiate
  • Ability to communicate his/her interest and enthusiasm to a wider audience
  • Ability to enlist the co-operation of others, whether colleagues or subordinates
  • A concern for the future of the UK industrial base
  • A willingness and ability to take part in the Institute’s activities and become part of a network of leaders of the future

Award notices are sent out in the Spring to the Heads of University Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Departments who are invited to nominate candidates. Many universities then undergo their own selection procedure before nominating a candidate for the Salters’ Graduate Award.

Salters’ Alumni

To receive a Salters’ Graduate Award means that winners join an illustrious group of alumni, many of whom are leaders in their field, in the chemical and related industries, in education and across public life. Our alumni network offers opportunities for networking, mentoring and career coaching, as well as social events and an educational programme to celebrate professional and academic excellence. As an award winner you will also have the chance to be involved in our educational outreach work with school learners, teachers and technicians.

Nominate a Candidate – For Universities

The Closing Date for the Salters’ Graduate Awards 2021 is MONDAY 26 APRIL 2021. Interviews for shortlisted candidates are expected to take place on 21 OR 23 June 2021 at Salters’ Hall, London. Standard class travel expenses will be covered for all candidates. Please note that candidates are required to attend the interview in person. We will, however, consider online interviews in special cases.

You can nominate a candidate for our Graduate Award by completing and submitting the Nomination Form. Please note that section A needs to be completed by the Nominee and Section B by the Nominator.

The Head of each University Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Department may nominate one candidate. Each nomination should be accompanied by a confidential reference, which pays special attention to the aims listed above. Awards will be made to successful candidates following the completion of their Honours degrees and they, along with their Head of Department, will be invited to an Awards Ceremony at Salters’ Hall in London in December 2021.

You and your nominee will receive confirmation by email once your nomination has been received. Your Supporting Statement will, however, remain confidential.

Click here to download the Nomination Form.

Click here to download an award notice for display.

More information

For any queries regarding the Salters’ Graduate Awards, please contact

We look forward to receiving your nominations for our 2021 Salters’ Graduate Awards.




Name University
Lauren Evans University of Strathclyde
Jessica Fleming University of Oxford
Adelina Ivanova University of Edinburgh
Joseph Phelps Durham University
Kyran Whymark University of Southampton

Chemical Engineering

Name University
Akhil Ahmed University of Strathclyde
Rhiannah Beattie University of Sheffield
Daniel Gray Loughborough University
Helen Schofield University of Cambridge
Sophie Whitworth University of Nottingham


Name University
Michael Bogdos University of Strathclyde
Mia Callens University of Leeds
Toby Journeaux University of Bristol
Saphia Matthew University of St Andrews

Chemical Engineering

Name University
Emma Hutchinson Loughborough University
Megan Jack University of Strathclyde
Simran Mohnani University of Bath
Hemma Sangha University of Nottingham
Lucy Talbot University of Manchester


Name University
Ned Buijs University of Glasgow
Emma Daniels University of Nottingham
Thomas Easton University of Edinburgh
Alice McEllin University of York
Cameron Royle University of Oxford

Chemical Engineering

Name University
Samuel Collier University of Oxford
Nisha Kandola University of Birmingham
Rebekah Sample University of Nottingham
Liam Sheppard Imperial College London



Name University
Erin Bradley University of Glasgow
Holly Foster University of Leeds
Reuben Leveson-Gower Durham University
Dean Thomas University of Manchester

Chemical Engineering

Name University
Cameron McCormack University of Cambridge
Annabel O’Fee University of Bath
Bethany Parsons University of Birmingham
Gareth Pym Loughborough University
Omolegho Udugbezi Imperial College London



Name University
Lucy Arkinstall Durham University
Alice Green University of St Andrews
Daniel Price University of Leeds
Patrick Rowe University of Warwick
Brian Shaw University of Edinburgh

Chemical Engineering

Name University
Euan Dodds University of Edinburgh
Luke Glynn University of Manchester
Mark Gowers University of Oxford
Carol Nairn University of Strathclyde
Nicole Perrin Loughborough University


Name University
Stephanie Chapman University of Southampton
Alexander Gillett Imperial College London
Gina Washbourn University of Liverpool
Patrick Williamson University of St Andrews

Chemical Engineering

Name University
Sarah Bruce University of Aberdeen
Alan Clark University of Edinburgh
Hannah Moran Imperial College London
George Morton University of Birmingham
Jennifer Parkin University of Cambridge
Natalia Wisniewska Swansea University

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