The Salters’ Institute plays a major role in the support of chemistry teaching, the encouragement of young people to pursue careers in the UK chemical industries, and the promotion of chemical education including the whole area of curriculum development.

The Institute’s core activities include: Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry, Curriculum Development, Salters’ National Awards for Science Technicians and Salters’ Chemistry Camps.

Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry

The Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry for 11-13 year olds are held at universities and colleges. Activities include two practical challenges and a fun lecture with fun prizes and certificates for all. Approximately 50 events are held annually, at approximately 40 different universities across the UK and Ireland, with around 800 schools taking part each year.  In total over 46,000 students have experienced the fun of practical chemistry through our Festivals of Chemistry.

Curriculum Projects

The Salters’ Institute and the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG) have worked in partnership for over thirty years, developing innovative teaching materials in order to improve teaching and learning in secondary school science. Materials developed by UYSEG have been adopted in a number of countries.

The Institute and UYSEG currently have five active projects. There are three Advanced level (A level) courses: Salters Advanced Chemistry, Salters Horners Advanced Physics and Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology, and one course at GCSE level, Twenty First Century Science. The most recent project is Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) for lower secondary school students (aged 11-14).

Salters’ Chemistry Camps

The Salters’ Chemistry Camps, which were founded in 1998, were put into abeyance after the 2015 season. During the 18 years that they ran, a total of 185 Camps took place, hosted by 15 different Universities across all parts of the UK and 9,500 students have had the opportunity to participate. The model now forms part of a project in India run in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) to deliver a joint five year “Inspirational Chemistry Programme”. This project has been sponsored by Yusef Hamied, leading Indian philanthropist and pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry. The RSC and the Salters’ Institute hope to enhance the skills and knowledge of Indian Chemistry teachers and inspire students to study Chemistry at University by applying their own expertise in education and combining this with the experience of partners in India. During the five year programme it is planned that at least 1650 students will participate in around 30 Camps across India.

Salters’ National Awards for Science Technicians

These Awards are run in collaboration with CLEAPSS and SSERC. The Awards are also supported by The Association for Science Education, The Institute of Physics, The Royal Society, The Royal Society of Chemistry and The Royal Society of Biology.

The aim of the Awards is to acknowledge publicly the immense contribution that Science Technicians make to the well-being and success of schools and colleges and, in particular, to Science Departments. The Awards are open to Science Technicians in schools and colleges catering for students up to age 18.

Chemical Education Group

The Chemical Education Group was set up in 1991 to bring the leaders of major institutions together to consider wider policy issues.  Between 1993 and 2010 it ran annual major seminars on specific issues of concern in science education.

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